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What can our ancestors dogs tell us about them?

What can our ancestors dogs tell us about them?

Researchers like to take advantage of any archival documents that may be available to them and the genealogy tree that Kieran Cronin the Deputy Librarian at Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland is barking up is the Ireland Dog License Registers.

The Ireland Dog License Registry was introduced into Irish law in 1865 and the first licenses were issued the following year.  Cronin who has worked with the registry argues that the original license register entry is home to a wealth of genealogically information that includes the name, address and county of the dog owners!

Cronin is currently in St. John’s to research and explore the trade and passenger links between the South East of Ireland and the Avalon Peninsula as identified in the Sweetman Collections held at The Rooms and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

He was awarded  the  Dobbin Atlantic Scholarship for 2018 and part of the funding application is to deliver public lectures while in Newfoundland & Labrador. The Dobbin Scholarship Programme, named after Irish-Newfoundlander Craig Dobbin, the scholarship made a major contribution to the development of academic and cultural links between Ireland and Canada.

Over the past twenty years over 200 Dobbin Scholars from all across Canada and Ireland have received awards to travel between both countries, conducting research across all academic spheres. Much research has been conducted, many partnerships have been forged, and many friendships have been made.

Marie Raymond, Chair Culture & Heritage Committee for the Benevolent Irish Society said that this is interesting and a wonderful opportunity to hear more on Irish Genealogy and the resources that are available to us.

Date: Thursday 31 May, 2018 at 7:30
Place: Benevolent Irish Society Hall, Harvey Road
Free Public Lecture
For more information contact: Phone: (709) 754-0570
Robert Gillard: robertgillard99@gmail.com

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This article was written by Larry Dohey