Celtic Language Teachers to meet in St. John’s

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Poster 7The 2018 Conference of the North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers (NAACLT) will be held at Memorial University from 23-26 May 2018.

The topic of this conference will be “The Celtic Languages Between Two Worlds”  with keynote speaker the award-winning broadcaster and writer, Aodhán Ó hEadhra (Aidan O’Hara).

Conference organizers have arranged for a full schedule:

Wednesday, 23 May,7PM : Reception at the Aly O’Brien Farm
Thursday, 24 May Conference presentations
Friday, 25 May: Conference presentations.
Friday, 25 May: Banquet
Saturday, 26 May: Field Trip.

There is also an Irish immersion weekend in Newfoundland, 26-31 May 2018, right after the conference. Event details and registration can be found here: http://www.gaeilge.ca/cl%C3%A1racha—imeachta%C3%AD.php

The North American Association of Celtic Language Teachers  (NAACLT)   is a non-profit professional organization whose goal is to bring together Celtic language teachers and researchers in Canada and the United States and to foster contacts with others through the world who are interested in promoting the teaching and learning of Celtic languages in North America.

The conference sessions will be held  in the Arts and Administration Building, Room 1043, Memorial University of Newfoundland.  For more Information: http://www.naaclt.org/

Contact: aralt@gaeilge.ca

This article was written by Larry Dohey