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“What’s going on in the North?”

BreixThis presentation sponsored by the BENEVOLENT IRISH SOCIETY ovides an overview of life and contemporary issues in the North of Ireland. Themes around identity, social issues and developments, the legacy of “the Troubles” and life in a time of peace. An overview of the current political climate in the Brexit context will also be explored.

Dr. Shirley Boyle  was born in Magherafelt, County Derry a rural market town in Northern Ireland. As a child she experienced the everyday rural Irish upbringing. However she was also a ‘child of the troubles’ and grew up in an era marked with political unrest and sectarian violence, with a heavy military presence also part of everyday life. Professionally Shirley has a BSc and PhD in social work and in November 2016 moved to Newfoundland as assistant professor at the MUN School of Social Work.

WHEN: Tuesday March 13th 2018 at 7:30 PM

WHERE:  Benevolent Irish Society Irish Hall,  30 Harvey Rd, St John’s

ADMISSION:  Free Admission but attendees can make a donation to

The St John’s Children’s School Lunch Program

For more information contact: 

Phone: (709) 754-0570

Robert Gillard: robertgillard99@gmail.com

This article was written by Larry Dohey